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Saarde Kirik and the Last Meeting

30th October 2011. Saarde Kirik.


The team, Pastor Sam Tukura, Mike & Dee Briston and Stuart & Jane Chalmers climbed into the mini-bus at 9.20am this morning to head for Saarde Place. We call it that because that's what Kristi & Arvet call it. Saarde Place is the place of the church (Kirik) that God has called them to minister in. After a journey of approximately 45 minutes with Mike doing the driving, we unloaded mini-PA, Mike's guitar and ourselves at the church.Just after 11am the meeting started with Arvet welcoming everybody and Kristi translating. Mike and Dee led worship and brought the gathered Estonian people 4 choruses with beautiful harmonies. Then without further ado, Arvet introduced Pastor Sam and he brought an deeply profound message out of a simple truth. He showed us three groups of disciples and showed how they fitted in to a scriptural perspective and which of these three groups of disciples we are supposed to be. After Pastor Sam opened this up a bit more the reality of what this means in terms of the 21st centrury became abundantly clear. This was an amazing message. Please look at the website later in the week by which time hopefully we will have the video up on the website. After thee meeting prayer ministry followed and many people made levels of response to Jesus, and after this we all went on to Liina's house for lunch.


We left at 3.10 to travel back to Parnu, with a deep sadness after having said our goodbyes to all at Saarde. (It genuinely gets harder every trip as we share so many God experiences in such a short time, and this trip with Pastor Sam that was more true than ever). At 3.50 as arranged we met Pastor Janno Peensalu at his home with his guest and had tea, shared briefly and then said goodbye here too. These can be such emotional times that when we hold it in, we can become even more caught up in the intensity of the parting. Tomorrow lots of travelling by car and plane and once again returning to our home in the UK.

Place: Elizabeth Kirik, Parnu



Saturday 29th October 2011 .Place: Elizabeth Kirik, Parnu.


Today, the team, Pastor Sam Tukura and Mike & Dee Briston and Stuart & Jane Chalmers left Lavassaare at 10.20 am. We supported Kristi and the sunday school leaders in King's Day. This is a joint effort of the children's churches in Parnu. King's Day has been running for several years and we have been observers of King's Day in past years. But this was the first time we have had an active part. Firstly, Pastor Sam was preaching, secondly Jane and laterly Dee had organised all the craft which had been taken out by suitcase from the UK. Thirdly we had earlier this week been involved in promoting the craft work to the Sunday School teachers so that they could effectively encourage and enable the children to create their own works of craft. Pastor Sam preached on "The Boy Jesus born in Bethlehem". The theme was wise men and women and children always seek Jesus. Pastor Sam highlighted the need of children to seek wisdom, by seeking Jesus and for Sunday School teachers to protect and bring the wisdom of God to little children, by growing in their own knowledge of God. On more than one occasion, it was clear that the children and the adults were blessed by having an international speaker of Pastor Sam Tukura's stature involved in an event in Parnu City.


The actual timing of the event was 12.00-14.00pm, and after it was over we tidied up and then all went our varying ways. Stuart & Jane then went on to Stephanni's with Kristi & Arvet for a pizza and encouragement. Tomorrow we leave at 09.20 to go to Saarde Kirik for the morning meeting at 11.00 am.

Agape Methodist Church, Parnu. & Georg Cafe. Ruutli, Parnu.



Today: Friday 28th October 2011, Place: Agape Methodist Church, Parnu. & Georg Cafe. Ruutli, Parnu.


Today at 8am, The team Pastor Sam Tukura, Mike & Dee Briston, Stuart & Jane Chalmers, went to the Agape Methodist Church which is situated behind the Lastemaja in Rama St. The purpose of the visit was to meet with the Council of Churches for Parnu City, initially to bring greeting from the Uk, to stand behind the Ministers of the City to encourage and facilitate them where appropriate, also to introduce them to Pastor Sam Tukura of Global Fire Ministries. This was a powerful meeting in which the Spirit of God came to encourage these men and women of God to stand firm on that which we believe in as Christians and to unite in defence of the Gospel and this God's land of Estonia. The meeting was profound and significant with much crying out to the Lord, prophecy and Holy Spirit inspired self examination. Pastor Sam spoke on the need to not beg leaders of any nation to deliver Godly laws, but to cry out to God and ask him to move the people into increased holiness that the leaders of the Nation reflect the interest and values of the people, with just and righteous laws. The meeting lasted in excess of three hours and included worship and tears as those presen

t met with the Holy Spirit of God.


Afterwards, Pastor Sam, Stuart & Jane met with Grigori Kolessov from Kohtla-Jarve in Northern Estonia. Pastor Grigori came with daughters Anastasia (Nastya) who interpreted and Lydia. He introduced the group to his ministry, and his work amongst poor people, the healings God has worked through him and his church connections with Korea. Stuart said he would seekthe Lord for his leading to encourage a prayer triplet to form to lift up this work and it's spiritual and financial needs.


Tomorrow please pray for Kings Day, when prayerfully many children will come from all over Parnu and region to Elizabeth Kirik ( Church) to spend the best part of the day in craft, and fellowship and listening to uplifting and life changing ministry of the Word from Pastor Sam

Village of Hope/ Family Radio / Mayor Kivimagi



Today:- 27/10/2011. Place:- Village of Hope: Northern Estonia.Family Radio: Tallinn. Meet with Mayor Of Parnu.


 This was unquestionably the busiest day yet. Up at 5am, away by 6am and off to the Village of Hope for Mike to lead them in worship and Pastor Sam to bring them real hope from the Word of God. With Stuart driving we headed for Northen Estonia, up near Tallinn. We arrived on schedule at about 8am, had a coffee and then one of the most amazing worship and word times followed. The twenty or so inhabitants of this incredible institution to which they came voluntarily to see an end to their addictions, is a truly inspiring place. We were met by the leader William, himself an ex-adict, who is the delegated leader when Bishop Mart Vahi is away, which he was on this occasion. William is an inspiring, confident and dedicated advocate off this whole enterprise. His dedication is echoed by all of the men which we met and hugged. Mike led worship and the rafters rang with the sounds of the "Freedom Song" and "How great is our God". Followed by "Everyone needs Compassion". Pastor Sam preached on the "Young man raised between the City and the Grave" and all were incredibly encouraged that they too could lead a new life free of the death of addictions. They were so appreciative of this encouraging word. We left at 10.20am to head for Family Radio in Tallinn.

 Pastor Janno Peensalu from EKMT Parnu, kindly met with us at Family Radio to act as interpreter and we were greeted by Tamara form Family Radio Staff. The recorded interview was animated and powerful with both Stuart and Pastor Sam reacing out to the people of Estonia through the airwaves. The interview seemed well received by all there. And promptly at 13.10, we headed for the carpark and Parnu.


We arrived at the Townhall in central Parnu at 15.02 for 15,00hrs appointment but fortunately for us, the Mayor had a previous appointment which allowed us to come in with our slight lateness un-noticed. Mayor Toomas Kivimagi, once again extended a warm and gracious greeting and together with the Lady Deputy Mayor,Jane Mets and a member of staff to interpret, we proceeded with the meeting. Both Pastor Sam and Stuart sought to bring factual and encouraging words to this Mayoral team. We pointed out that one of the hallmarks of this administration was integrity, and that this showed with the clear desire to except responsibility for the full role of people related local government. We left seeking to arrange a further meeting upon our return in February 2012. Tomorrow at 8am we meet with the Ecumenical Leadership of the City and then later in the day, we meet with a Russian Pastor from Northern Estonia.

Tihemetsa, Saarde & Killingi- Nomme


26th October 2011 Place:- Tihemetsa, Saarde and Killingi-Nomme.


Today, in the afternoon we travelled to Parnu and then onward to Killingi-Nomme in the jurisdictional area of Saarde. Pastor Arvet Ollino is the minister of the Lutheran Church in Saarde. Kristi Ollino, the Pastor's Wife, is the Directrice of the Lastemaja in Parnu, but also stands with her husband in the faith matters of the church and the recently started children's outreach in Tihemetsa. We arrived in time for a wonderful luch at the home of Lina, a fairly recent convert at the Saarde Congregation who leads the Children's work with input from both of the Ollinos. After lunch we took Pastor Sam to meet with Kalle Song the Vallevanem (Mayor) of Saarde who we met last trip.The acquaintance was renewed, we discussed his last six years in office as Mayor, and moved forwards to first name terms. He presented Pastor Sam with a green blanket with the Saarde logo on it. After this wonderful meeting, we moved on to the Outreach centre in Tihemetsa. There were a good number of children present and Mike started the afternoon outreach wih some children's songs which led gradually into worship. Pastor Sam preached on "When you meet a bald headed prophet be careful to be respectful in case there are bears about!" He then led the children in the sinners prayer and many made a response to the Lord. We drove home and arrived at about 8.30 pm Estonian time. Tomorrow, Pastor Sam, Mike and Stuart, will be going to The "Village of Hope" and then on to Family Radio and then back to Parnu to see the Mayor of Parnu, Toomas Kivimagi.

Parnu & Elizabeth Kirik



Tuesday 25th October 2011 Place:- Parnu---Lastemaja & Elizabeth Kirik


After a later start the team left Lavassaare to travel the 28 kms to Parnu, to visit the Shalomi Lastemaja. This visit was to bring the children in to contact with Pastor Sam Tukura and through him the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Sam Preached on the boy Moses hid by his mother for three months. Pastor Sam pointed out the need to be respectful of those who hide you from the world and protect you and to not to be in a rush to leave this protection, but to recognise it's value.After which Pastor Sam prayed the sinner's prayer and one young Swedish volunteer responded and made a pronouncement of faith, Others prayed and followed these steps too. At 5pm we moved over to Elizabeth Kirik,(Lutheran Church) one of the larger churches in Parnu and well able to accomodate over three hundred people. On Saturday 29th October King's Day will be held in this church. In an upper room, Jane and Dee had organised with the Sunday School staff of some of the larger churches in Parnu to set out and demonstrate the craft wrk they would be doing with the chidren on Saturday. Stuart followed Kristi's opening words by introducing Pastor Sam, and then Pastor Sam spoke and introduced himself to these leaders.Following prayer from Pastor Sam, Stuart and Pastor Sam retired and left the ladies to it. Tomorrow we visit Tihemetsa Children's Outreach where we will lead these 40-50 children in an outreach with led by Mike and preaching from Pastor Sam. Jane and Dee will do games with the children and Stuart will drive. At 4pm, we will meet with Vallevanem(Mayor) Karla Song who heads up the second largest jurisdictional area in Estonia.

Place:- Lavassare & Parnu


Today was largely a day of rest & regroup with emphasis on relationship, relationship, relationship. Dee, Stuart & Jane spent large slab

of the afternoon with both children at the Lastemaja (Father's Children's House) and the staff and Kristi & Arvet. Children, many of whom

were new, were largely very receptive to our visit. We shared with Kristi & Arvet and listened to their areas of concern with regard to work

and ministry. Both Kristi & Arvet showed us round the new addition to the refuge and children's house.Much of the work is being done by

volunteers from Shalomi (Sweden) & members of the Saarde Congregation.


Mike, and Pastor's Sam & Janno spent the afternoon at Estonia Spa in the Sauna, and then went on for a meal at Steffani's.

Ministry at EKMT and Haapsalu Free Church


Sunday 23rd October 2011 Place: EKMT & Haapsalu Christian Free Church


The team started the day with a Journey to Parnu and a the first ministry appointment of the day at EKMT Parnu Kogudus, where Janno Peensalu is the Senior Pastor. Mike Briston joined their

worship team to play drums & then guitar in several songs which Mike led. Pastor Sam Tukura preached on "The dust man filled with the Spirit is no longer a meal for the Serpent." Many,many people came forward for ministry. This was followed by a meal supplied by EKMT through a member of the Church who worked at Kadri Restaurant.

We then made a swift journey at three thirty for a meeting in Haapsalu Free Church at five o'clock. Haapsalu is probably over 130kms to the South West. The meeting at Pastor Peta's church was full and their worship band led followed by introduction of Pastor Sam by Stuart followed by worship from Mike. Pastor Sam preached on "Jesus entering Capernaum but passing through Jericho." Many more people came forward for ministry and as in the morning people got healed and two people accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord. The ministry period was interupted to close the meeting and then went on longer. We all enjoyed a meal with Peta and his wife who led worship, and the band. We then left to travel back to Lavassaare at about eight thirty. Tomorrow is a day without preaching engagements but with one to one ministry and sauna etc.


Abja-Paluoja: Saturday 22nd Oct.


Blog: Today: Saturday 22nd October 2011 Place: Abja-Paluoja, Vijandimaakond. The party, Stuart & Jane Chalmers, Mike & Dee Briston, Pastor Sam Tukura and Mart (Interpreter) set out from Parnu to travel to Abja. We arrived in good time and met the Pastor Guldar. Pastor Guldar is a previous overseer of the Pentecostal Church in Estonia and a biker, entrepreneur, musician, singer and builder( people and buildings). Guldar and his team led worship in which Mike involved. Pastor Sam was introduced to the people, a very good crowd for an Estonian Saturday,and he preached on Jesus tasting death that we might taste life. The people were very moved and very uplifted with many brought to a fuller understanding of why they were saved and what to do about it if they weren't. Ministry was offered for the sick and four responded. From there we went to view a local project of the church utilising old buidings leased from the local authority in which a shop and video and audio recording studio was being built.This was very encouraging and from there we went to alocal restaurant for lunch. After lunch we went to Guldar's own home, built by him over the last two years, we met his oldest daughter who had made a cake for us and spent time building relationship with him over coffee. We found out he had a lengthy involvement as a youth prison chaplain in which he saw two hundred young men baptised and going on with the Lord. Tomorrow we go to EKMT in Parnu for the morning meeting and Haapsalu in the evening.

April 2011

The second STMT of the year as we went out in February with a record team of fifteen personnel. This trip was slightly more sedate, but only slightly. The high points were:-

• Meeting with Pastor Janno Peensalu, the minister at Pärnu City Pentecostal Church (EKMT). Followed up by ministry times together. Resulting ultimately in his visit to UK in June and preaching at Water's Edge Elim Church at Fourways Day Centre, Constitution Hill Road, Poole Dorset on Sunday 19th June.

• Opportunity to attend as spectators a full meeting of the Pärnu City Council in chambers, whilst watching the process of ratification of the sale of 60b Rama Street. ( Lastemaja's current and hopefully future home).

• Ministry at Saarde Kogudus, and after for Sunday School. (Jane led)

• Multiple visits to the children and staff at Lastemaja, with several ministry opportunities including talking to the children about the past, present and future of the Easter message.

It was a busy time and also included visits and meetings with many old friends and discussions about future initiatives and fund raising ventures.